[EpiData-list] Release of EpiData Entry and EpiData Manager available for testing

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Sat Apr 6 10:00:42 CDT 2013

The changes have been implemented in Linux as well, except that in Linux 
the visual change of the mouse pointer is not working. One cannot any 
more from this version move a field outside the current dataform. Before 
one could move it, e.g. to the left or top of the current form (or 

Just try :
1. create a new project
2. add one or more fields
3. try to move them left of the left dataform border. They will remain 
in current position or the left most position of the current dataform 
(or section).

Regarding sections:
If you want to move one or more fields away from a given section:
      Mark them (select) and then delete them with ctrl+x
       click on the main form
       Press ctrl+v to insert the fields on the main form outside the 

To move fields into a section:
      Mark them (select) and then delete them with ctrl+x
       click on the section to select it
       Press ctrl+v to insert the fields in the section
       Move the fields around within the section to adapt it.

If you just move the fields within the frame delimited by the section 
borders the field will still technically be placed on the main form, but 
will be hidded during entry. We will try to develop an integrity check 
which secures that the area under the section is protected. But as of 
now you can place a section on top of a field on the main form and 
thereby hide the field on the main form. (just try). I think this is a 
minor problem, since during design you will see it. And during entry you 
will notice and extra field - and subsequently tell this to the manager 
of the project.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

On 2013-04-06 16:19, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Thanks:
> Hope that those changes could, in a meantime, be included in GNU/Linux.
> Regards,
> El 06/04/13 05:59, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca escribió:
>> Dear All
>> EpiData Manager: Release date for ** was: 05.Apr 2013
>> Release date for ** was: 05.Apr 2013
>> From http://epidata.dk/testing.php
>> Before release of we still need to fix some minor issues, 
>> such as content of reports and possibly addition of a "bug reporting 
>> tool", but apart from that only bugs identified will be fixed before 
>> release as production version. The current production version on main 
>> download page needs replacement as soon as possible.
>> Since last test release in mid March the following has been fixed:
>> EntryClient:
>> * Question og Headings sometimes disappeared during entry.
>> Manager:
>> * Fixed bug in "Count By ID" (bug was: list index out of bounds)
>> * Added checks to drag/drop (design mover) such that controls cannot 
>> be dragged outside of valid area. Including pasting and alignment 
>> with fixed distance.
>>   - on non-linux this should display a No-drop mouse cursor. (Linux 
>> is not working yet.)
>> * Other identified bugs and minor issues fixed, e.g. importing .epx 
>> files would crash if many headings existed on main section
>> Please continue to test and report
>> Torsten Christiansen
>> Jens Lauritsen
>> EpiData Association
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