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The trick with Excel is to make sure that each column of data should be formatted the same. If you have special characters or quotes in a string, this may cause problems. It may also be problematic to have commas in string fields.

What I do is this.

1. The first row has legal Epidata field names
2. Add a column at the end that has any field name and 1 in each cell
3. If you have missing data in the first row, add a row of dummy data just below the field names and make each cell look exactly like your data should.
4. Copy the entire data table, including field names

In Analysis:

read /cb
save datafile

The read command will complain about the FIRST bad data element it finds. I use this as a cue to fix that cell and any others that may be like it.

Then you can drop dummy data and save the .rec again.


On 2013-05-03, at 5:06 PM, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:

> I would like to format an xls file into .rec file. I save my xls file into csv file to open the latter in Epidata Analysis.
> It did not want to open my file. I found that there is some pb with string variables. 
> I thought to fix all problems but now Windows close Epidata Analysis when I'm trying to open my .csv file.
> Can anybody help me?
> Candemum.

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