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Wed May 15 04:18:19 CDT 2013

Yesterday a bug-fixing update to EpiData Manager and EpiData EntryClient ( was placed for download on http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php

Versions are:
EpiData Manager : Program Version: r637
EpiData Entry Client Program Version: r264

The bug fix solves (hopefullyI) issues in relation to writing ini files and recent files list, which would create annoying errors. Please confirm that these errors no longer exist on your systems.

The basis for these types of bugs is the increasing complexity in automatic finding of where a given user can save files on a given computer. The complexity increases with the number of operating systems used Linux, Mac, Windows (XP, 7,8 etc.

We have tried a number of policies in view of aspects such as:

a. Should we require users to have administration rights on their PC ?
b. Optimize for common principles for all users on a given pc versus each user have specific and independent rights and choices for setup.
c. The decision that the exe file alone one must be able to run - but in that situation obviously without documentation.

It seems that we must work in a way where the individual user rights have preference for the standard installation. Other solutions have given various problems. With the user specified installations local rules can be implemented. E.g. to have documents or data in a common folder for all users.

It is rather annoying to have to spend time with this type of issue rather than developing the functionality we would like to see, but to make the systems work smoothly for the average user demands clarity and compliance with how other (ever changing) systems seem to work.

Provided this test version solves the installation problem we will release it for public general production use following solving a few issues in relation to export of data and misspellings in the interface.

A recent addition is the ability of EntryClient to show defined range and value labels (category labels) as a note next to the entry field during entry. This removes the need to write in text the codes and text for a given field as a "comment/header" on the dataform. To use this:
1 In Manager during definition of a given field mark "Show value label as a note" on the "Extended" tab for field properties.
2 In EntryClient in preferences set "show notes" next to the field and not in a separate window.


Torsten Christiansen and Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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