[EpiData-list] Report any bug you find in public releases, please

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Mon Jun 3 08:26:56 CDT 2013

The public version 1.4 of EpiData Manager and EntryClient, plus the minor adaptive release of EpiData Analysis were released on May 24.

As noted in a previous mail there are some issues in relation to validate duplicate, DDI export and a few other issues.

Since the number of public releases should be kept low I have decided to wait a few more days before uploading an updated bug-fix version of Manager and EntryClient.

I am aware of some details reported in relation to Analysis and lifetable analysis. These will be taken care of soon.

If you have found any issue not mentioned on this list, then please discuss as soon as possible, such that we can fix these issues - if needed.

Meanwhile I can disclose, that the next expermental version for testing will contain a scripting facility, such that scripts can be run before and/or after entry in a given field. This will replace the current "calculate" tab in properties for fields.

Examplescripts are:

if V1 = 1 then goto V2
if V1 = 2 then goto V3;

V4 = V1 + V2 + V3 ;
V5 = V1*V2*V3;


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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