[EpiData-list] Bug fix release Manager and EntryClient version

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Wed Jun 5 10:56:49 CDT 2013

Version 1.4.1 of Manager og EntryClient has been uploaded for generel 
production usage from http://www.epidata.dk

Changes are as follows:
EntryClient: When F9 or "show value labels" is active the first value 
label is selected as the default.

Validate duplicate issues with creation of verification file and 
selection of fields for comparison has been fixed.
Default name of value label sets is now valuelabel_<fieldname>
Reports and file lists now indicate cycle number (automatic version coding)
Minor other text adaptations
Export to DDI format now validates correctly against DDI-3.1 as can be 
verified on:
   Just paste the created XML into the field "DDI xml" and hit "validate"

All other aspects of function are the same as in the first 1.4.0 release 
last week.


Jens Lauritsen and Torsten Christiansen
EpiData Association

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