[EpiData-list] How to count the number of missing values in an observation/record/row

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Thu Jun 13 02:39:48 CDT 2013

Dear sirs/madams,

My name is Anh. I am a student from Vietnam.  I would like to calculate the
number of missing values/entered values in a record.

I had a look at Epidata manual but I could not find any relevant
instructions. Could you please help me with this problem?

Thank you so much,

Anh Dang


Details of my problem:

My checklist contains 5 variables. Each variable is given a score (0,1,2),
but in some records, a few variables are left blank because they are not
relevant. The final score is calculated by dividing the sum of score of
each variable (don't take the missing into account) by the 'total number of
entered variables'.
id     var1    var2    var3  var4    var5
1        2                 1      1        0          final score =
(2+1+1+0)/4   ( I use the command 'ignoremissing' to get the sum)
2        2        2       2      1        1          final score =
3                 1        1                           final score=(1+1)/2

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