[EpiData-list] EpiData Manager and EntryClient updated to v1.4.2

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Fri Jul 5 10:38:43 CDT 2013

The following has been updated:

New functionality in Manager:
Expand current Dataform, - shown on the toolbar with two triangles 
pointing downwards.
This will add blank space at the bottom of the dataform- A tecx 
indicator is shown. When you save the file the indicator is NOT saved.

EntryClient and Manager:
* Added commandline options -i, -r, -h and -v
* Added commandline options -i, -r, -h and -v
Which allows to specify inifile, recentfile, help and version. One use 
of this would be to use separate recentfiles for experimental and 
runtime latest public version.

A bug in Manager in relation to copy structure for double entry and 
another in relation to copy/paste has been fixed.

Users should be aware that on export to SPSS, SAS etc there can be 
difficulties in creating systemfiles in these softwares, since EpiData 
Manager and EntryClient now base all text on the UTF-8 principles. Later 
some recipies will be added on "how-to" manage this.

The version mentioned above is available from the general "production" 
page: Http://www.epidata.dk/download.php

A separate mail will follow regarding a new experimental version - which 
can run scripts before and or after entry.


Jens Lauritsen
Torsten Christiansen
EpiData Association

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