[EpiData-list] Experimental Manager and Entry Client version with before/after entry scripts available

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Fri Jul 5 10:56:59 CDT 2013

Whereas the former mail concerned the public production version, this 
mail is an exciting additional feature to be tested by users.

Assume you have a special situation where you need to do a particular 
calculation to show the entry person, e.g. calculation of BMI or the 
summation of 10 items for an index.

With the experimental version now available from:

You can create such scripts.
Attached is an example file using integers.

Example script is:
if V1 = 4 then goto V3 missing
if V1 = 3 then goto V3 clear;

Another example:
V4 := V1 + V2 + V3    ;
V5 := V1*V2*V3;

Notice that the way the syntax is written resembles pascal, which is a 
deliberate choice. We have tried a few other variants, including R, but 
too many problems were created at the implementation.

The syntax is intended to be implemented in exactly the same way later 
in Analysis, once this software has also been rewritten.

Quite many functions are already implemented. These are explained on the 
wiki page:

Users are encouraged to work over the next months challenging the 
scripting engine. And discuss on this list if the new scripting engine 
is too experimental or of actual use.

To write a script:
1 add a field in Manager version :   Program Version: r684
2 hightligh that field and hit Enter button
3 on the tab pages of the properties of the field you will see a tab 
page next to "notes" saying script.
    this is where you write your scripts.
4 then save the file and open in EntryClient which MUST be the 
experimental version as well:
EpiData Entry Client
Program Version: r292
Core version: 1.5 r767
FPC Version: 2.6.2
Platform: x86_64-Linux

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