[EpiData-list] PS to: Experimental Manager and Entry Client version with before/after entry scripts available

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Wed Jul 10 14:15:15 CDT 2013

Dear List.

Today I have updated the complete list of (currently) supported 
functions in EpiData Manager and EntryClient (v.

This list is available on the wiki page here:

Please note that this is not the final list of functions, but our 
initial suggestion for a minimum set of function that should suit as 
many as possible. I did not have the time to implement the IsNewRecord() 
function mentionen by Jens previously, but this is an obvious extention 
to the existing functions.

Also do continue to discuss other needed functions and functionality on 
this maling list. As stated this is an experimental release and we are 
still working with many aspects of the functionality.

Torsten Bonde Christiansen
EpiData Association

On 2013-07-05 18:06, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Excuses, I managed to send the former mail too early:
> The EntryClient should be version: Program Version: r292
> But there are as well versions for Linux, Mac and Windows.
> Please experiment with these new principles and report.
> The release of the experimental script version and the former 
> announced public version release: 1.4.2 also indicates a break in 
> development from now until beginning of September 2013.
> But please keep discussing and asking questions on this list as they 
> will be collected and handled - if serious also fixed before September.
> The script language is explained here:
> Wiki:
> http://epidata.info/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=techdocs:scripting:start
> A few aspects are still not on the wiki, but will come within some 
> days, e.g. the function now()  returns the time at the point of 
> invoking the function. Could be used e.g. to record the starting time 
> of entering data into a new record. Other functions are also on the 
> way such as IsNewRecord() - which will test if the current record has 
> been saved. But please note that this in the experimental section, 
> such that for specific names of functions always look in the wiki if a 
> given function does not work or is not found.
> Regards
> Jens Lauritsen
> EpiData Association
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