[EpiData-list] Can I "tell" RELATE how many children records to create for a specific household

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Sun Jul 14 01:24:46 CDT 2013

I have a household survey that asks the head of the household several
general questions and then also interviews all women of reproductive age
within that household.
The number of eligible women can thus range from 0 to several.

Is there a way in Epi Data to essentially tell the program that there will
be 2 women's records for household A and 3 womens records in household B,
and so on.
I remember in Epi Info (dos) we could specify the number of "children"
records in the KEY UNIQUE field (if I put a "2" on that line then after 2
"childrens' records were created then Epi would bounce back to the main rec

Thanks for any suggestions.

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