[EpiData-list] Re: Can I "tell" RELATE how many children records to create for a specific household

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Assuming you refer to EpiData Entry 3.1, then, to my knowledge, you can 
only specify if it is exactly 1 record (putting the number as you do).


On 14-Jul-13 08:24, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> I have a household survey that asks the head of the household several
> general questions and then also interviews all women of reproductive age
> within that household.
> The number of eligible women can thus range from 0 to several.
> Is there a way in Epi Data to essentially tell the program that there will
> be 2 women's records for household A and 3 womens records in household B,
> and so on.
> I remember in Epi Info (dos) we could specify the number of "children"
> records in the KEY UNIQUE field (if I put a "2" on that line then after 2
> "childrens' records were created then Epi would bounce back to the main rec
> file.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Conrad

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