[EpiData-list] Scripting in Manager

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Mon Jul 15 16:33:39 CDT 2013

Using: Test version EpiData Manager: v1.5.0.10

3 NOENTER fields:
id1, length 5, integer
id2, length 5, integer
id3, length 5, string

1 MUSTENTER field serno, length 4, integer

In the field serno I type in SCRIPT, AFTER ENTRY:

id1 := serno;
DEFINE id2Temp: integer;
id2Temp := serno+1000;
id2 := id2Temp;
id3 := string(serno);

Result in EpiData Entry Client:
id1: correctly done
id2: correctly done
id3: nothing done (except a "." written into the field)

I cannot get strings working, neither from string to string nor (as 
above) trying to transform an integer to a string.  I tried different 
ways, nothing worked.  Consulting the Wiki was not revelatory.

Dates constructed from date components (with 1 or more components set to 
missing, and then making approximations) also work impeccably.

Floats not yet tested.

Hans L Rieder, MD, MPH
Jetzikofenstr 12
3038 Kirchlindach

Tel: +41 31 829 4577
Mob: +41 79 321 9122
Web: http://www.tbrieder.org

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