[EpiData-list] Re: EpiData-list Digest, Vol 117, Issue 9

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Mon Jul 22 22:19:14 CDT 2013

Thank you, Katie, for the suggestion! I think missing data was the issue
with the Stata format.

We found a way to successfully import data into SPSS. Export the data file
from EpiData Manager as a .csv file (I used the Linux setting). Using
Excel, I opened a blank spreadsheet and imported the .csv file via the "add
from text" option under "data". I specified that it is delimited by commas,
and then changed each column from "general" format to "text" format. This
was tedious but necessary because Excel automatically deletes any leading
0s upon import. If you are using these notes as instructions, DO NOT CLICK
IN ANY CELL. It will revert to general format, and delete leading 0s. I
saved the file as a .txt file (using MS-DOS format). Then I opened in
Microsoft Word. I deleted the variable names. I then used find and replace
to find "^t" and replace with "^p". SPSS doesn't like tabs, so I needed to
replace all tabs with paragraphs.

You can use the syntax EpiData Manager produces when exporting to SPSS, I
think. Or write your own. I wrote my own, because, as noted earlier in this
thread, I had variables embedded within the lines.

Worked like a charm!


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