[EpiData-list] Manager/ EntryClient: values of result field after Validate Duplicate Files

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Fri Aug 16 01:55:47 CDT 2013

Dear users,

I am just about to get familiar with EpiData Manager and have a question
regarding the variable “Double Entry Verification Status” that is optionally
added after performing Duplicate Files Validation.
First of all: Thank you to the developers – what a great option to add this
result field.

As it has already been described before, The values for the created variable
0 = Validated
1 = Record does not exist in duplicate file
2 = Failed due to different text
3 = Failed due to different values
4 = Duplicate key exists

If have performed some fake validation and all errors have been detected
correctly. However: The erroneous record had only the value “0” in the
result field. I would have expected it to be “3” since it contained errors
in some of the numeric fields.
Did I understand something wrong with that or did I make any mistake by
using this option? Why did all my records have the value “0” even if some of
them failed validation?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answers!

Best regards, Malgorzata Schlöffel

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