[EpiData-list] Data validation using the same file

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Fri Aug 30 15:49:59 CDT 2013


This may sound silly but I feel that I need to report this.

When I tried to do the double entry validation using one single file (i.e.
I selected one epx file twice for the purpose of validation), EpiData
Manager did not prevent me to do this. It produced a report which, of
course, has no discrepancy.

I tried this on both EpiData Manager (v1.5.0.10) and (v1.4.2). Both gave me
the same result.

Below is an excerpt of the validation report I just created showing
validation was attempted using the same epx file.

Report:  Double Entry Validation Report.
Created: 2013-08-31 04:40:35
File 1: C:\Users\Zaw Myo Tun\Documents\EpiData\examples\sample.epx
File 2: C:\Users\Zaw Myo Tun\Documents\EpiData\examples\sample.epx

Best wishes,

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