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Dear members of theEpiData-Mailing list,

I do my first steps with EpiData so please be tolerant with my 
disability. I just made some data entry when I recognized that I forgot 
to write down a variable in the qes-file.
My way to handle the problem is to write a new qes-file than a new 
rec-file and start the data entry again from the beginning. But this 
can't be the accurate way, right? In your help-area I saw this hint 
here, but I really don't know how to find "Analysis" and I don't know, 
whether I can use this hint for my problem...

/Richard, //
//You can use Analysis to merge the files. It's easy to do manually: //
//cd c:\directory with the files //
//read file1 //
//append file2 //
//append file3 //
//* etc //
//savedata mergefile //
//close //
//If your file names are always the same, you can put those commands into //
//a .pgm file to do this. //
It would be very great if you can answer me my question, thank you very 
much in advance! Some of my colleagues said that I can combine several 
rec-files by exporting them to SPSS and than copy and paste the content 
- I hope you can recommend me an easier way!

Greeting from Germany,
Lea Dipper

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