[EpiData-list] Combine 2 or more rec files together

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Mon Sep 9 07:48:01 CDT 2013

make copies of your qes, rec, chk filesedit the qes file, adding the missing variablethen when you go to enter data again, Epidata will ask if you want to revise the rec filesay yesnow you can go back to the first record and add the values for the missing variable one record at a time
there are other ways to do that as well and the best way will depend on how much effort you have already put into data entry
what you propose is not wrong. It is just one of the ways to do the job.

> I just made some data entry when I recognized that I forgot 
> to write down a variable in the qes-file.
> My way to handle the problem is to write a new qes-file than a new 
> rec-file and start the data entry again from the beginning. But this 
> can't be the accurate way, right? In your help-area I saw this hint 
> here, but I really don't know how to find "Analysis" and I don't know, 
> whether I can use this hint for my problem...


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