[EpiData-list] EpiC data export fails on STATA8 option

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Mon Sep 9 11:30:06 CDT 2013

Dear listers,

I'm trying to convert EpiData files to Stata format. I've stumbled upon a problem similar to the one described by Jan in a post from 2008:


(This is the only reference I've been able to find on the list and Google)

My command and output are as follows:

C:\test>EpiC.exe e STATA8 PEDPATIENT28032012ES * REPLACE

EpiC - the EpiData command application version 3.1.2  14. Nov. 2006
(C) Copyright 2002-2006 - EpiData Association, http://www.epidata.dk
Programmed by M.Bruus. Design: JM.Lauritsen & M.Bruus

0 % doneException EAccessViolation in module EpiC.exe at 00061B3F.
Access violation at address 00461B3F in module 'EpiC.exe'. Write of address 022AC000.

The files are converted correctly when I use "STATA" option, but since it converts to Stata 6 version I don't get the correct variable names whenever they are too long. I've tested it on two machines: one running Windows Server 2008, and one on Linux (using Wine). The files are converted correctly using EpiData 3.1 GUI.

Are there any solutions to this problem?

Thanks a lot for help,

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