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My own test of a large data set (part of CDC's BRFSS data for one year), using the most recent alpha test:
EpiData Entry Client
Program Version: r292
Core version: 1.5 r767
FPC Version: 2.6.2
Platform: i386-Darwin
Filename: /Data/BRFSS/brfss.epx
XML Version: 3
Field count: 60
Record count: 2509

Export to SPSS: all fields are exported in the appropriate fashion, except for:
1) the final field in the .txt file is missing the last character/digit.
2) the SPSS record description in the .sps file changes a 10-character string to a 30-character string. 
  Every field from that one forward is incorrect. This field starts in column 92. 
  The record descriptor should be:
  ... vegedayx 89-91 xpsu 92-101(A) xststr 102-106 ...
       but is
  ... vegedayx 89-91 xpsu 92-121(A) xststr 122-126 ...

I haven't explored enough to know how consistent this is.

So you might be able to fix the import just by editing the .sps file to match the field positions  to the correct  columns in the .txt file


On 2013-09-13, at 5:39 AM, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:

> Dear All
> Stuck with exporting issues with epidata manager to SPSS
> Can anyone give me some advice-many data are merged in the same column in the SPSS file
> Thanks
> Dr Thambu David S

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