[EpiData-list] Automatic Unique Identifier and Double Entry Verification Mode

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Wed Sep 18 13:11:54 CDT 2013

Dear Kizito:

It is a good rule to provide complete information before requesting 
assistance.  Your message is non-informative about the software

Does your question concern:
- EpiData Entry 3.1?
- EpiData Manager, and if so which version?
- If you use EpiData Entry 3.1, could you show the part of the check 
file that controls the field?

Without this information, one cannot answer.


On 18-Sep-13 11:19, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Dear Listers,
> sorry I am asking this again, since I received no help yet.
> I wanted to do data validation using the Double Entry Verification mode,
> but when I used an automatically generated unique identifier for the
> records using three field it could not prompt for correction even when
> there was discordance.
> What is the solution?
> Kizito

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