[EpiData-list] New test versions of EpiData Manager and EpiData EntryClient

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Fri Oct 25 06:36:28 CDT 2013

Dear All.

Today we have released new test versions of both EpiData Manager 
( and EpiData EntryClient (

This release has two major focus points:

1) Handling the case where two users/programs tries to open the same file.
2) Make forms/windows behave uniformly in regards to storing position & 
size, and closing using shortcuts.

In addition a number of minor issue have been fixed and added:

With regards to (1) we have implemented a new principle to handle the 
case where two programs wants to access
the same file simultaneously. This is done by maintaining a lock file 
(taking the name of the project file and
adding a .lock as suffix), which contains the locking information. Keep 
in mind that this does not prevent
two users from overwriting the same project file, but the programs have 
a much better chance of detecting a
possible problem before it even arises.

We have tested the lock file system extensively and found it more 
reliable than the current method, which
basically just checks the timestamp of the project. However since it is 
a very new feature some issues may
still exist so if you experience any problems please report the problems 
on this mailing list or to the


The complete list of changes

Both programs:
* All forms can be closed using ESC, and positions & sizes are kept on 
* Added a shortcut to browse data (Ctrl + D or Cmd + D)
* The list of recent files is kept up-to-date, even if both programs are 
opened at the same time.
* A short message is given when copying the version information to 

* Changed shortcut for "Extend Page" (Ctrl + Enter, Cmd + Enter)
* Default field length for Integer field changed to 1 (was 2)
* Other minor text changes in reports.

* Added shortcut to Print and Print With Data.

Please report comments and errors on this list, including version of the 
software in which you found the error.

The software is available from : http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php

If no major errors or bugs are reported the version 1.4.3 will replace 
the current public download version.


Torsten Christiansen and Jens Lauritsen
Epidata Association, Denmark

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