[EpiData-list] Test version of EpiData Manager ( and EntryClient ( released

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Fri Nov 1 08:14:38 CDT 2013

Dear List.

Today we have released new test version of Manager and EntryClient.

This is a minor update on the release from last week, where we 
identified and fixed a small number of issues.

We have had no comment on the new .lock file system during the week and 
if no further issues
arise in the comming week we intend to release these version as the next 
stable release.

The changes for this test release are:

* A text change during save and the .lock file is missing.
* Fixed a bug related to non-ASCII characters in filename/path

EpiData Manager:
* Added a delimiter option to SPSS Export.
* Changed naming of exports/double entry/backup to include current cycle 
* "Count-by-id" report updated to work on fields with same name, but 
different types.
* Spelling corrections.

The download is available from: http://epidata.dk/testing.php

Kind regards,
Torsten B. Christianse & Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association, Denmark.

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