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1 Nov 2013

Curious behavior !!
 which windows are you using ?

Would be pleased to get a copy of your  QES-file and your CHK-file as well.
 Will try to duplicate your problem , on Windows XP pro and on Windows 7.

Louk Meertens

email direct:  loukmeertens at hetnet.nl

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> I use EpiData 3.1. In one of my projects I encountered a strange problem:
> The qes file contains 78 variables in total. Among them there are about 50 Y/N(1/0) variables.   When I enter data into the rec file by EpiData and enter a series of "N"(0) for these Y/N variables ,the EpiData begins producing a prompting frame showing : "Access violation at addrss 00000000. Read of address 00000000." I have to hit the "OK" button repeatedly to make the prompting frames disappear. After they disappear, the program in chk file seems having stopped working. How can I enter my data normally?

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