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Tue Nov 26 04:29:10 CST 2013

Dear friends,
some questions:
1) the length of the string is always 60 in the generated .sps file.
for example: S1 145-204(A)
but the length of S1 is 20 in sample.v2.epx

2) How do I use the mssing values defined in Valuelabel Editor to set the missing values of the variables in SPSS?

3) Can I define the values of boolean type variables as 1 or 0?

Thanks for your help advance!

EpiData Manager
Program Version: r684
Core version: 1.5 r767
FPC Version: 2.6.2
Platform: i386-Win32
Filename: D:\Down-Software\EpiData\epidatamanager.scripting.\youth.epz
XML Version: 3
Field count: 199
Record count: 1


Best Regards,
Richard Zhou

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