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Tue Nov 26 06:13:53 CST 2013

Dear Richard Zhou.

EpiData Manager Program Version: r684
Core version: 1.5 r767
FPC Version: 2.6.2
Platform: i386-Win32
XML Version: 3
Field count: 199
Record count: 1

I can see that you are using the experimental version of Manager 
( with scripting. Compared feature wise
this version is "old" and this also applies to the SPSS export.

Q1) the length of the string in the generated .sps file is always 3 
times the definition of the length of the string in Manager. for 
example: VL3 27-35(A) S1 145-204(A) in .sps but the length of S1 is 20 
and that of VL3 is 3 in sample.v2.epx

This has been changed in the latest test release (, where fields 
are no longer exported with a fixed width,
but in a delimited format. This solves that string fields are 3 times 
their specified length in EpiData.

Q2) How do I use the mssing values defined in Valuelabel Editor to set 
the missing values of the variables in SPSS?

The missing value are currently not exported in SPSS format, you will 
have to add them manually in the .spss file.

Q3) Can I define the values of boolean type variables as 1 or 0?

All boolean fields are exported as Y/N in the .csv file.

Torsten Bonde Christiansen

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