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Hello everybody
I just started to work with EpiData-Manager v1.4.2 this week. I was able to create a data entry form (questionnaire) and did start with data Input. After having finished the data entry of 3 patientforms I tried to export the data into an Excel-sheet (CSV-file). The problem is, that I am not able to fill in an excel-table properly. Instead of filling each heading into a seperate column in the excel-sheet everything is put into the first cell in the first column and separeted with a comma. More or less the same thing happens if I try to export my data with DDI. The only difference is that instead of commas the space-bar is used to separate the data in the line. Furthermore, some data is copied twice into the exported file. I will add a Word-document with screenshots, so your able to see what I'm referring to.
I'd like to ask if you could help me to solve the problem (as a note: the same happend when I tried to export data out of the example form that was included in the download).
 Thanks in advance.
Kind regards
Sabine Kuster
University Hospital Basel
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