[EpiData-list] Query on auto calculation of duration between 2 date fields

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Tue Jan 28 22:44:04 CST 2014

I need help in writing the command for the following function.

1 have 2 date fields. the difference between the dates can be less than 30 
days also in some cases. How can I auto calculate the difference in days 
between the 2 dates.


v01 11/11/2013

v02 20/11/2013

I want v03 to be automatically calculated as a difference between the 2 
above dates.

Many thanks

Dr Charulatha Banerjee
Regional Advisor ( MCH & N South Asia)

Aide à l'enfance. | Kinderhilfe weltweit. 
Per l'infanzia nel mondo. | Helping children worldwide. 

12/3A, Palm Avenue
Kolkata 700019
T +91-33-64508764/09748770125 
charulatha.banerjee at tdh.ch www.tdh.ch

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