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Dear Jens
I hope it is ok to ask this
Can you make some podcasts of your classes so we can all learn more about the manager and client?
It would be of immense benfit to many students around the world-serious!
Thanks in advance!

Dr Thambu David S
Professor and Head
Medicine Unit 2
Christian Medical College, Vellore
632004, India

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An updated version of Manager and EntryClient is now available from the Http://www.epidata.dk/download.php page

Following the major release last week it turned out that the following errors existed:

1. Handling long path names on some Windows variants (Windows 7 in particular) - and also in some other situations.
2. Export to Stata created to a certain extent faulty files - in particular on Windows 32 bit versions.
3. Setup of where backup files with date added to the name are saved. (the release did not save in the correct path).

Additionally we have clarified captions and texts to make sure:

A. Double Entry in Manager and EntryClient is NOT simultaneous entry with compare during entry. But instead separate entry with control after full entry in second file.

B. Specification of
Compare Duplicate Files (was validate duplicate files)
- in which field by field is compared btw the two files based on key variables indicated.

Data Content Validation
- which will control a given file for internal consistency in accordance with specifications in that file. E.g. if values included conform to all range or value labels are

Renaming Fields etc.
On the project detail part in Manager you may now rename all fields, sections and headers sequentially from the top, such that fields are e.g. V1 to V34

The errors above were found while I was teaching a class of 30 ph.d. students using various versions of Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Jens Lauritsen


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