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Thu Mar 6 03:08:37 CST 2014

Dear Bernard,

The reason that you cannot see the variables in this case is because the 
resulting field cannot be the field
you are performing the calculation at.

Eg. if you wish to calculate the age, based on "birthdate" and "date 
delivery" and the result should be
placed in the field "age", then:

1) Select the field "date delivery"
2) Go to calculations tab and select "Age" as the result variable
3) Select appropriate "birthdate" and "date delivery" fields.
4) Make sure you select "years" in 'save result as'
5) Optionally make the "age" field a No-enter field, such that the 
result cannot be manipulated during entry.

All calculations are done "after-entry", ie. after the field with the 
specified calculation has been entered a value,
the result is calculated and put into the result field.

Torsten B. Christiansen

On 2014-03-06 09:11, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Hello,
> In Manager, I do not understand the calculation of variables.
> I have a file with "birth date" and "date delivery" and "age" for the 
> difference.
> and "weight" "size" and "BMI".
> When I click on the variable "Age" / edit / calculate, I can not find 
> the variable "Age" for calculate the difference between two dates, but 
> I see "BMI".
> On the other hand, on the variable "BMI" / edit / calculate, I do not 
> find "BMI" but "Age" .....
> Thank you for helping me.

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