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Wed May 28 17:08:58 CDT 2014

Dear list,
I am thinking of designing a monitoring system for a short-term community
hospital ward with 9 beds

Among variables are

Patient ID
indate (admission date) <dd/mm/yyyy>  inhour  admission hour ##
outdate (discharge date) <dd/mm/yyyy> outhour discharge hour ## (not always

Age, sex diagnose1, diagnose2 diagnose3, treatment elements etc.

Does anybody have a hint on how I can monitor utilization rate, i.e. how
many beds are occupied each day, and average utilization rate per week?

In Epi Info I would put up a sequence of commands that runs through the
datafile for each consecutive day to count number of patients. in EpiInfo
the PROCESS command would run thhrough the file and do the maths

I thought a defined variable inhouse # and a counter date
gen d testdate ="01/09/2013" // Opening date

if testdate < today
   if testdate >=indate and testdate <=outdate then
   inhouse=1 else inhouse=0
testdate=testdate + 1
else goto end

Then route to an aggregate file date, count.


But there seems to be no equivalent command in EpiData. I have not figured
out if aggregate or stab could be used for such a purpose. Anye ideas or

Best Regards
Vegard Høgli
Community Medical Officer
Skien, Norway

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