[EpiData-list] Community Hospital Ward utilization

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Wed May 28 19:35:37 CDT 2014

In Epidata Analysis, you could do something like this for daily utilization for a whole week:

read thedatafile
define aday <dd/mm/yyyy> global
define sday #### global
define avbed ###.#

aday = dmy(?Start day?,?Start month?,?Start year?) // allows you to set a start date
// add an imif here to check validity of the start date

sday = 0
? “Utilization for the week starting @aday"

count if (indate <= aday) and (outdate >= a day)
? “Beds used on @aday : @$count”
sday = sday + $count
aday = aday + 1

count if (indate <= aday) and (outdate >= a day)
? “Beds used on @aday : @$count”
sday = sday + $count
aday = aday + 1

// repeat last 4 steps 5 more times

avbed = float(sday)/7.0
? “Average bed count for the week was #avbed”

Note that the 4 commands starting with count if could be used to define a cmd to simplify the program.
You could also set aday this way to get the 7 previous days:

aday = today - 6


On May 28, 2014, at 6:08 PM, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:

> Does anybody have a hint on how I can monitor utilization rate, i.e. how
> many beds are occupied each day, and average utilization rate per week?

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