[EpiData-list] Revise .epx-file structure during data entry?

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Wed Jun 18 16:21:27 CDT 2014

Hello list,
Data has been entered into foo.epx.
Some data could not be entered as values were outside accepted range.

Thus, we have to revise foo.epx .
How should foo.epx be revised in EpidataManager?

->  Answer:
All data are preserved once entered - except obviously if you delete a 
given entry field.
So You just open the foo.epx and adapt the range in the specific field  
as you desire.

Quite often it is a good strategy to enter say 5 or 10 data sheets 
(records) into a newly created project file, since expectations of 
desired level of control often requires changes - despite thorough 
planning - after trying with the "real data".

Once the final form has been attained  I would then create a copy of the 
"pilot phase project file", which will then be an empty file, where you 
can enter all data (including the 5-10 used in the pilot).

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Assocation

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