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Thu Jun 26 06:16:49 CDT 2014

To all on the EpiData-list

Allow me to use the opportunity of the coming summer vacations here in 
the Northern Hemisphere to mention/credit a few key influential 
contributors in collaborative efforts and/or major funding bodies, which 
continues to result in the EpiData resourses being freely available for 
all users.

A more complete list is found at: http://epidata.dk/credit.htm (which 
needs updating from recent years)

  * The collaboration in teaching with H. Rieder has been excellent in
    achieving as well relevant function in the software, but also in
    creating the complete set of exercises found on
    http://www.tbrieder.org/epidata/epidata.html . Users should know
    that this collection has been the basis for very many courses and
    subsequent publications in the Tuberculosis area.
  * The collaboration with APHEO (Association of Public Health
    Epidemiologists in Ontario) and the Canadian Field Epidemiology
    training programme and guidance from J. Hockin resulting in:
    Field guides in epidemiology, including sample files and exercises :
  * SPC - functionality in collaboration with the Norwegian Medical
    Association and Quality assurance organisation in Healthcare (V.
    Högli and B.Nyen)
    http://epidata.dk/php/downloadc.php?file=spc_epidata_software_v1.pdf and
    (In Danish)
  * The collaboration with the Danish Data Archives on xml principles
    and adaptation of a simplified form of DDI standards.
    (In Danish)
  * The funding from other sources - see http://epidata.dk/funding.htm
  * The continued efforts by MSC Torsten Christiansen in attentive and
    persistent implementation of our data documentation principles in
    the current modernised forms based on the epx file format.
  * In all "modesty" allow me to mention my own contributions,
    governance and continued efforts in securing stability, standards
    compliant and straight forward implementation and coordination of
    the software.

Without the resources provided by these collaborative efforts there 
would have been no EpiData Software.
Other persons have also spent time in assistance of development - users 
following this list will know these are.

Relevant web adresses with course materials are found on this page: 
If anyone knows of other relevant sites let us know on the list - or if 
some of them are no longer active.

I foresee an important turning point when we soon will have full GCP 
compliance with logging followed by a complete rewriting of EpiData 

Users and organisations should be aware that the EpiData software can 
only survive with sustained funding and efforts from the implied persons.


Jens Lauritsen
Initiator and Coordinator of EpiData software.
(We do not wish to end in the situation exemplified by the postcard from 
the son being on vacation "No money - not funny, Sonny" and the dad 
replies "How sad - too bad, dad")

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