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Tue Jul 22 04:35:12 CDT 2014

Dear Jens,
I have downloaded and testet EDM and EDC v RC1 both extended and
standard version, both Windows and OSX versions to test relational file

I may have overlooked something obvious, but the program freezes when I try
to define an integer or string field as key on the first dataform on a new
project. I do not see te "relate" tab on the corresponding field
property  menu. The clinical example in the package opens and works as
intended; on first opening the example file in Manager, the "relate" tab is
visible, on reopening the file the tab seems to be gone. On data entry, the
relate seems to work, though.

Tested most thoroughly on WIndows 7 preofessional 64 bit SP1 (both 64 bit
and 32 bit versions) on HP Intel i5 laptop, but seemingly same behaviour on
Macbook Pro retina mid 2012 wirh OSX Maverick.

Best regards,
Vegard Høgli
CMO, Skien kommune, Norway

On Jul 21, Jens wrote:

> In early August development and adaptation of the Relational
> experimental version will continue. It seems very few comments have been
> made on this list. From the download numbers it seems that about 250
> copies were downloaded since June 17th. Those having downloaded and
> tested please comment on the list before early August, where we will
> continue development.
> regards
> Jens Lauritsen
> EpiData Association

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