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Tue Jul 22 16:48:47 CDT 2014

"Then set as key" - embarrassed to admit - Still don't get it:
Here's exactly what I do:
1. Define new project
2. Save as myfile (even tried without save first)
3. click on Dataform 1
4. Define field name IDNO Integer length 4
5. Apply, then close field properties pane
6. Select IDNO field with select tool (small boxes appear enclosing
selected field)
7.  Click on Dataform button (or menu item) - then choose Define key
8. Freeze - Nothing happens, not possible to define new dataform, not able
to save or edit field, have to kill process in program manager (windows),
small green plus sign when hovering mouse over field (OSX).

Where do I go wrong? anyway: apparent program freeze should be replaced by
error message if I do something in the wrong order, like for example: when
I tried to add a child dataform first, i get the error message: must create
at least one key first.


> on Jul 22, Jamie wrote:

I have not had this problem (OSX-Mavericks). On Dataform1, I define an
> integer field. Then set as key. add a related dataform and my key field
> shows up on the new form. When you add a field to Dataform1, the Relate tab
> appears. You have to define a related dataform firstThen ; then the Relate
> tab shows up.
> Jamie

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