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Actually, On the Mac (OSX 10.9.4, 8 GB RAM, i7), the program does not lock
completely: All menu items are greyed out except "Epidatamanager" with it's
submenu items i.e. Quit, so I can seemingly exit normally. But after trying
to select "define key" every other program action is blocked. I am not so
familiar with OSX, so browsing the system logs are not particularly
meaningful to me, but I can copy if necessary.

Similar problem in Windows 7, therefore I suspected trivial user error:
Program behaves normally until select "define key": Then everything locks
up. here the menu items are not greyed out. But clicking on "file" does not
open submenu, the "x" in upper right corner is not red and does not
respond, the program window is locked in position etc. However: in task
manager, the EpiData Manager is reported as "running"(!)
When terminating program in Task Manager, the enclosed EDM dialog box
appears. text says: "Cannot quit this program because it awaits response
from you. Click Cancel to go back to windows and check status of program,
or click exit to terminate the program immediately and lose all unsaved

Hope this dialogue can be of use to Jens, also interesting to know if
anybody else have had similar problems.


 Jamie wrote:

> So you have to do a Force Quit on your Mac? Have you checked the error
> logs to see if there is an error from EDM? I’ve seen some errors at times
> that have been useful.
> Jamie
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