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Fri Oct 10 08:10:16 CDT 2014

Dear all

Following a remarkable effort in many areas it is now possible to download experimental versions 2 of Epidata Manager and EntryClient from the page: http://epidata.dk/testing.php#alpha

The overall new aspect is: relational databases
This is also explained in the introduction document, which you find here:

We have worked a bit to further secure immediate transparency of function. In practice it seems that users are NOT reading manuals, so intuitive function is important, Suggestions to enhance intuitive function are welcomed.

For projects with only one single dataform the main change will be new icons and hopefully more stability, since we have removed a number of bugs. Another new aspect is that study information is placed at the front. This is to enhance datadocumentation levels in projects. It is NOT necessary to complete the study information to define data. So if you are not interested in that part just skip it.

When you create a new project an instruction is given on screen with a sequence for developing relational data.

Be aware that these versions are still in the early testing phase. Which means that you should NOT use them for ongoing projects, and also that you should use them with new projects only. If you have generated relational databases with a previous testversion, then do not continue on that project.

What we need - optimally during the coming week - is feedback on:
- function,
- access violations,
- stability in EntryClient
- stability in documentation
- whether EntryClient creates correct datacontent based on the tree structure of relational databases.

It is a rather complex system now, so please be patient and report, such that we can get to a stable level of function soon. We will summarise reports in about 10 days following a well deserved break in development.

Following clarification of these issues we will release another test build, and once all problems are solved or fixed in a stable way the first public v2.0 will be released.

If you have longer test files and explanations that you wish to send us and not to the list, then use info at epidata.dk for such mails - disregard the warning sent to you, we will read it.


Jens Lauritsen
Epidata Association

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