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Fri Oct 24 05:17:43 CDT 2014

 From today v2.0.0.1 of Manager capable of creating relational data sets 
is available
on http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php

There was a bug in creating value labels in v2.0.0.0, which has been fixed.
There is still a bug if you use external value labels. E.g. a separate 
project file with all ICD10 diagnoses.

Please test and report .

We are aware of the possible inconvenience of uploads every other day.
So if you allocate time for testing then check if there was a new upload 
before you spent time.

You should be aware that the function "Check Version Online" in the help 
menu does NOT show the experimental test versions, but today shows 
"Latest test version", since there is no release candidate for 

We will modify the only version control to a more informative one. Such 
that one also can see when there is something to test and if so if this 
is a release candidate or an experimental one.

The development will typically be that we first publish an experimental 
test version, where the xml file structure has some form. This form can 
change btw. experimental test versions, but when we get to the "release 
candidate" level usually the xml format of the epx project file is 
fixed. And before the public release version is ready will be documented 
in the required way. Which will then be supported from that point on. We 
will always support reading "old" epx public release formats, but not 
those working at the experimental level.

We are now working with more aspects of relational data sets on the 
passage to a public release version.
for example full adaptation of handling projects with more than one 
dataform, wording of structures, backup principles.

To analyse data in a relational dataset you should export one dataform 
at a time. EpiData Analysis cannot read related data sets at this point.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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