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Tue Oct 28 02:41:05 CDT 2014

Such reports are very valuable. 
Since we upload minor adaptations quite frequently please also include build, which you get from version info in the help menu. 

Regards Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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>I am experimenting with the new release candidae, and I´m trying to design
>a simple registration form in EpiData Manager.
>I have a couple problems that may be trivial, but nevertheless, I´m a bit
>1: In the Win 64 bit version I struggle to edit Value labels for an integer
>field. I click "New" in the Valuelabel button and bring up the Value label
>editor, but I am not able to add any labels. I can, However add new values,
>but seen not to be able to get the label line to get focus. Tried with
>Enter, Tab, arrow keys, Mouse click etc but nothing works.
>When I Open the same file in Mac, However, There are no problems at all
>creating and editing a set of Value labels. I notice that i first choose
>between "Internal" and "external" values - a choice which didm´t appear in
>the Windows version.
>2: Is there a way to edit the sequence the various variables get focus?
>After a bit of editing, the flow of focus has become mixed up.
>3. Is If-then calculations implemented? I experiment with making a
>registration form for a call-center. First i define a variable "Caller´s
>name" Then a boolean variable: Do you call us on behalf of yourself? Then a
>variable with the name of the patient. If the call is about the caller
>herself, I would like to copy the content from "caller´s name" to
>"patient´s name" and then skip the patient name field. I realize that this
>not strictly necessary, but just for the experiment´s sake..
>Vegard Hoegli,
>Skien, Norway
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