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Vegard Högli asked four questions. I will attemp to answer each:


Question 1:
In the Win 64 bit version I struggle to edit Value labels for an integer
field. I click "New" in the Valuelabel button and bring up the Value label
editor, but I am not able to add any labels. I can, However add new values,
but seen not to be able to get the label line to get focus. Tried with
Enter, Tab, arrow keys, Mouse click etc but nothing works.

There are four ways to create value labels:  (assuming you have created 
a project):

1. The most common one I assume:
a Create a field on the dataform.
b Click on that field and press enter to see the field properties.
c Then use the "new" button to the right of the "value label" section. 
And the editor should work

2. "Value labels from Data" in the menu under "tools". The idea is to 
import value labels from a project epx file with three fields containing 
the value, the text specification and an indication if this value should 
be interpreted as  a missing value. It is easier to maintain large sets 
of value label definition as data in a file than as a value label. For 
example if you have a delimited file with many definitions such as 
district names or diagnostic codes.

3. Work with "all value labels" which you find under the button "Project 
   a. When you have clicked "Value labels" you should see the value 
label editor form.
   b. Above the "Internal - External" text lines see "Add".
   c. click to the right of "Add" on the small triangle and you should see:
         Integer (with misspelling Interger) , Float and String value labels
   d. click on the appropriate one and a new "value label set" should be 
created with the name (Untitled)
   e. you should now be able to add categories and texts.

 From that point you should be able to create other value label sets.
Another possibility is to:
   a. Click on the "External..." to the right of "Add"
   b. Manager will ask you to indicate in which project epx file 
"external value labels" are found.
   c. You can now use the labels from the external file in your project, 
but the project.epx file containing the labels MUST reside in the same 
folder as the project.

Question 2: Is there a way to edit the sequence the various variables 
get focus? After a bit of editing, the flow of focus has become mixed 
up.--> Just move the fields around. The flow of entry will follow the 
position of the fields from upper right to lower left.

Answer: If you use the alignment buttons found on the right most icon on 
the toolbar - looking like a vertical line -
a. select a number of fields by drawing with the mouse a quadrat or 
rectangel around them.
b. click on the desired alignment button. - experiment a bit
c. test sequence by moving with the arrow keys between the fields.

Question 3: Is If-then calculations implemented? I experiment with 
making a registration form for a call-center. First i define a variable 
"Caller´s name" Then a boolean variable: Do you call us on behalf of 
yourself? Then a variable with the name of the patient. If the call is 
about the caller herself, I would like to copy the content from 
"caller´s name" to "patient´s name" and then skip the patient name 
field. I realize that this not strictly necessary, but just for the 
experiment´s sake..

Answer: What you can do is:
a. Define first field as an integer field "Same " with value labels two 
values 0 "not the same" 1 "the same person" .
      b. In that first field set a jump on value 0 to "skip next field"
c. define second field as a string field "patient" with question "Name 
of patient"
d. Set third field as a string field "Caller" with question "Name of 
e. In the second field Patient define now a calculation found under 
field properties (hit enter while field is selected)
     Use the possibility "Combine" - select Caller as the result field 
and Patient as the first of the "combination" fields.
f. You have effectively created an if then situation without that 
possibility directly.
   -- a small example file for use in current test versions can be found 
Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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