[EpiData-list] Epola Contact tracing and risk assessment system

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Sun Nov 2 10:39:07 CST 2014

Hello List,

As a District Medical Officer, I will have to prepare for Contact tracing
and risk assessment/managing the follow-up of contacts if an unsuspected
Ebola case should surface in my community.

I have started to think of a call center / health care registration system
in EpiData Manager with relate feature: One event/Index case, several
contacts with contact details, and follow-up details of contacts. In the
event that one of the contacts should develop symptoms, then the secondary
case´s contacts will have to be traced. The design of the system certainly
needs some consideration.

This is a global concern, and I imagine several organizations probably
already have made or have plans to develop such a system. EpiData´s
share-friendly approach should be ideal under current circumstance. ECDC
have already done so for food/waterborne outbreak investigation.

1. Anybody already made a system, wiling to share?
2. Any major Organization seeing the benefit of same-format reporting, and
willing to support development of system/templates?
3. I assume that final release of ED 2.0 with relate feature is imminent. I
therefore start to work on a functional but simple local system anyway, and
will seek advice from the list as needed. Where I am right now, I struggle
to carry the content of more than one unique key variable over from the
parent to the child record.

Any comments?

Best regards,
Vegard Hoegli
District Medical Officer
Skien, Norway

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