[EpiData-list] Status testversions of 2.0 Manager and EntryClient

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Wed Nov 5 14:13:16 CST 2014

The status and reported problems in the development of v2x of Manager 
and EntryClient is such that:

a. Basically we find rather stable function with few access violations 
and remaining major problems
b. We found reason to further change the xml structure contained in the 
epx file when dataforms are in a relational structure. This means that 
examples you have worked with in the testing of v2x might not work, when 
we release the next test build.
c. A number of minor points have been found in various parts of the 
system. Mostly these were of text formulations, which had not taken the 
relational dataform aspect into consideration.

I expect that the next test version will be  moving from experimental 
level to pre-release level. This is an indication that we are 
approaching something which in the end will be applicable for true data 
entry and documentation.

Further thoughts and reports of or examples of malfunction are highly 

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association, Denmark

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