[EpiData-list] Merging two rec files

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Wed Nov 12 12:24:16 CST 2014

Dear EpiData users and experts

I am trying to merge

​ two files with different number of records and fields!
​The first file (intake) contain​​​s 1433 records and  there is  21 fields
in each record. The second one contains ​1301 records and and each record
contains 31 fields. Each one of the 1301 record has a  corresponding record
in the first file (same code). I would like to merge the two files, based
on the code, so that I have  a third file with 1301 records and 52 fields.
I tried to use the merge function in EpiData Entry, but it didn't work (the
product was a file with only 47 fields instead of 52 ). I must say that
some fields in the two files have the same name-can this be a reason for
not merging these fields?
​Your help will be highly appreciated​

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