[EpiData-list] Default behaviour in EntryClient during entryentry - and simplification

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Thu Nov 20 06:51:50 CST 2014

The next test build of Manager and EntryClient will be released rather soon, but not this week.

The aspects we are working on - apart from securing stability - regards handling complex relational entry.

To do so properly and with sufficient stability accross projects, operating systems and countries we need to be very focused on the niche in which EpiData Software is working.

This demands some simplifications, which will be seen in the next test release:

1 backup after entry:
Until now the backup files (e.g. Clinical_Example_2014-10-28_0.epz) would be placed in the "home" dir of the EntryClient user (e.g. for user jla = c:\documents and settings\jla\documents\EpiData\backup) . This resulted in a complex demand to handle a large number of combinations of operating systems and user rights.

>From now on the backup file will be placed in a subfolder to the folder where EntryClient opens a given epx/epz file for entry. If the user want the backup placed in another folder this must be defined with a startup option.

2 Which status of addition/editing of records in EntryClient
Aspects of this has been defined in preferences for EntryClient.
>From now on EntryClient is assumed to be adding records to projects always. But obviously in such a way that if a given dataform has a key and that key is typed in, then the user will be informed and given the opportunity to jump to the relevant record.

3 For related systems the order of activation of "child" forms is part of the project epx file. Not a "preference" setting.

This might seem a bit technical, but is needed in order to make sure that the software creates consistent data and also that we can complete the work within the funding of the project. Funding is always an issue for this and other development projects.

Comments to this or other aspects of development are welcome.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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