[EpiData-list] automatic warning/information on versions ?

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Thu Nov 20 16:23:25 CST 2014

With development of the software new versions are released every time 
development has reached a certain point.

It can be annoying to be informed very often about new releases from 
software, since this takes time and processor and sometimes also for 
users costly Internet connections.

On the other hand we know that some users run into problems due to NOT 
having updated to a newer version in which a given problem was solved.

We could therefore consider to have the end user decide an option saying 
"check for new version every x days" (e.g. x could be 7). Please give 
viewpoints and considerations on this.

Also I noted today that some "semi-comercial" sites most likely running 
from the advertisements on that site offer download of the software . 
The webplace in question have been contacted by me. If we have automatic 
checking with reference to the true EpiData website, that problem would 
be minimized .

Is this a desired option or does it work fine with the users getting 
information from this list in general ? . We know the  list have about 
700 persons "listening", but the number of actual users is very much 
larger and these other users do not easily know that there is a new 
version around.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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