[EpiData-list] New pre-public release of Manager (v2.0.0.22) and EntryClient (v2.0.0.7)

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Dear Jens,

Can we run EntryClient in multiple instances? As Epidata classic 3.1 version. Because I have used the relational double entry verification with Epidata using the execute wait command instead of relate in the _dbl.chk file for relational file in real time.

This is the my Idea for double entry & verification for relational files in Epidata 3.1.

Thanks & best regards,
Rasool Bux

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Dear all

We have published new test versions of Manager and EntryClient Manager is now at: v2.0.0.22 EntryClient is now at: v2.0.0.7

With this version we have moved both products from the experimental to the pre-public release version area of the testing page on http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php

We have removed quite many bugs and changed principles to what we find is rather stable for the usage of:
- relational datasets
- "one form" datasets
- external value labels in a different file
- importing data into labels

- Many other possibilities for import, export etc, but with added support for import from clipboard, alignment and many other features, which will be documented in introduction manuals in early 2015. Another implemented feature is the automatic checking of version against test versions and public versions.

WARNING:  Although we think this is quite stable do NOT use on production data or real projects still.

If you install from the test page, the ordinary distribution version will be overwritten. So to continue with that one get the zipped/tar compressed version of the test software instead and unpack to a different folder on your computer.

Please test and report .

We are now working with details on the passage to a full public release version. Next evaluation of discussions and reported bugs will take place early 2015.

To analyse data in a relational dataset you should export one dataform at a time. EpiData Analysis cannot read related data sets at this point.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association
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