[EpiData-list] Any Problems identified in Pre-release Manager and EntryClient ? - if so please report these.

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Thu Jan 8 16:34:12 CST 2015

Dear All

It is now about 2 weeks since we copied the pre-release versions of 
EpiData Manager and Epidata EntryClient to the testing page for download.

It seems that no major problems have been identified - since we have 
received no reports of such errors.

We are just now building an in-house test schedule, which will allow us 
to do a structured test of the functionality and aspects of the software 
before public release. All the way from defining a project, to exporting 
data. Once the routines are ready they will be laid out for public 
download. Such routines are a requirement for meeting GCP (Good Clinical 
Practice guidelines) standards, which are at the core of the next 
release cycle following current.

Should any users have found problems do let us know at this point. Since 
we wish as soon as possible to exchange current public release version 
with the latest version 2.x capable of related dataforms.

You can comment to this list or send a "private" e-mail to 
info-at-epidata.dk   (exchange -at- with @)

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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