[EpiData-list] New EpiData Analysis.

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Thu Jan 15 07:53:52 CST 2015

Hi List.

Since EpiData Manager and EntryClient have reached the public testing 
stage, EpiData Analysis have been
updated to support the new EPX file format (v3) as well as the format 
used by Manager & EntryClient v1.4.

With the test release of Manager & EntryClient v2.0 we started 
supporting multiple dataforms/datasets. However
EpiData Analysis only supports one dataset and therefor when loading 
files made with Manager v2.0 only
the first dataform/dataset will be loaded.

If you wish to load any other dataforms than the first, you should use 
the "Export" tool in EpiData Manager
where you can select the dataform you wish to load in Analysis, and 
export it to a new EPX file.

The new version of EpiData Analysis (v. is available from our 
normal download webpage:

Kind regards,
Torsten Bonde Christiansen
EpiData Association.

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