[EpiData-list] Mac Workarounds?

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Wed Jan 21 10:01:00 CST 2015

Hello all:

This appears to have been addressed back in 2013 for v1.4.2, but nothing
from that discussion is working.

I have downloaded EpiData Entry Client on my Mac (intel), but it does not
work.  No matter which download method--zip versus dmg--the client opens,
but does absolutely nothing.  I cannot open any of the .epx files, can't
actually quit, etc.

There were some terminal and script workarounds in the 2013 discussion.
These also do not work.   What is going on?
Mark G Shrime, MD MPH FACS
Harvard Interfaculty Initiative in Health Policy
Clinical Instructor, Harvard Medical School

shrime at gmail.com

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