[EpiData-list] Manager and EntryClient - Identified bugs in latest release ?

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Mon Feb 2 16:33:05 CST 2015

Regarding the latest public release:
_Manager_ *v2.0.0.25* 	_EntryClient_ *v2.0.0.10*

During classes today (35 participants) for 5 hours I noticed very few 
problems aside from the following:

Users should be very much aware that they are NOT starting the software 
from within zip archives. Windows hides the actual folder type - unless 
you are aware of this.

EpiData Analysis:
Some users had NOT installed the latest EpiData Analysis and could 
therefore not read the epx files created.
Remedy: Check that you have V2.2 Rel. 2 (Build  183 ) (see caption).

In Manager: Ctrl+Z will NOT restore a deletion of a field - only moving 
the field to another position.

In Windows-8:
Strange behaviour for three users having installed the software twice. 
They were not sure if they had taken the 64 or 32 bit versions. One pc 
in particular gave problems: After removing the installed versions and 
installing the 32 bit version, function was restored without problems.

A few bugs:
If you select more than 2 project files for "double entry validation" - 
and then unselect  files. Then the test of comparing the two files is 
NOT done.

Remedy: Deselect all files and just mark two of them for comparison. 
Then it works.

On Machintosh:
Sometimes an entry field could be outside the "visible dataform" in 
EntryClient - and users could then not access that field

On one particular pc with Windows 8 the EntryClient confused period and 
comma during entry in a float field, rejecting saving of a given record. 
Upon "save of record" the program crashed. Problem was solved after 
removal of software and fresh install from EpiData website .

Please report problems and function as done previously. In particular on 
issues above.

Following end of the classes (mid March) I will attempt to release all 
exercises for download from the website.


Jens Lauritsen
Initiator and Coordinator
EpiData Association

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